Daily Create #1347 – Make a new photo old.




Since it was a daily create I didn’t spend too much time on it. I switched it to B&W and then added some Sepia filter. I used the paint brush and a splatter pattern that took out pixels. I added dust and scratches – although those didn’t come out like I thought they would and not even sure they are there.

I then pulled it into and iPad app called Bazaart and added a vingette and played with some effects. I just deleted most of my photo apps on the iPad to make room for recording audio for a project. There are a few that would age and do this well – but didn’t want to find the apps at the moment.

I have taken old photos and tried to fix them up and look newer and an assignment for #Prisoner106 did need aging such as this for a book cover. Nice spurt of activity to try some things out and not worry about a full project. 🙂

With more time – the photo could still use some aging…..

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