Hummingbird and Heron – Story Gifs

puffintransblog Native American Fairy Tale week and GIFs!

This is a GIF to go with the story the Heron and the Hummingbird.

The story reminds me of the Tortise and the Hare.


My own acrylic painting of a  hummingbird and heron  photographed and turned into GIfs.

Cut out the wings and added frames with wings in different rotations.

With Heron – cut out heron and then added frames of it in different places on canvas. Took part of the background from another water painting and content aware scaled to fit PS canvas and merged the 5 heron frames.

Created screen animation and set timings – exported for web.

Daily Create and the Goldilocks Principle

Garden Cut Out

Butterfly Cutout

TDC1298– Make a drawing with a cut out for clothing. Take a photo of your  card and environment to complete the image

Well – sort of took liberties. I did not do a drawing only a photo. Short on paper and drawing utensils and didn’t think of my Paper53 until after doing this.

I found paperdoll cutout PNG form :So Love to Sew Like the Boys. I could not find terms of use – so hopefully attribution is what was needed.

I reversed the image so the cutouts were transparent and then dropped some fresh photos of the garden behind them. Seemed just right for today. 🙂 I am really getting attached to the Goldilocks Principle since doing the video of the 3 Bears! Learning how just right might not always be more, but you do have to do some futzing.

I used PhotoShop in its most basic format. 2 layers. Magic wand choice. Fill with color.




Cowlerful Dreams – TDC1297

Cowlerful Dreams

For Karen Fasimpaur and July28,2015 #ds106 Daily Create to remix a photo of a cow:

Original cow photo flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Photos of Cow and Bull layered into sky  are original paintings and photos by KOnarheim (me) Creative Commons license 4

Cropped and copied photos of the paintings.
Dropped into Photo shop and layered in.
Used large smudge brush to blend into sky and remove rectangle feeling.
Color replacement tool and brightened up the mid ground mountain range.

Fun! Thanks Karen. @kfasimpaur  I love cows! – and other things too! – 😉

Passing time in the Village – Chicken GIF

A relaxing day in the Village while No. 2 is missing. Not as productive as @byzantinebooks, I saw that he spent the day working in his bungalow as well. Then I saw @iamTalkyTina posting the catapulting chickens so decided to work on getting my chicken to actually cross the road.

Still trying to figure out the multiple layers of making things look like they weave in and out. I wanted the chicken to go behind the one with the shirt. I would get close and then all of a sudden I would have a frame with 6 chickens in the loop!

Should have went to FireWorks – but needed to stay mobile today.

Rather liking the slower pace – maybe that is a plan. 🙂

Time for some real rest tonight – and a couple of days of some things to catch up on…..hope to not come back to things on Thursday and be too far behind.

Why Chickens Cross the Road and other TDC’s

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

TDC1295 – Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well – in Wisconsin it could be:

  • Green Bay Packer anything
  • Cheese
  • Beer (or drinking in general)
  • or Custard! (ice cream)

Cut the shirt off of a picture, pasted and skewed-distorted-scaled-perspective-smudged-and erase brushed to get the shirt on the chicken.

pasted a picture of a turtle sundae across the road

Background a picture of a chicken on the road that I took.


No TDC officially – but answered RonaldL and JohnJohnston challenge to make a quick “bcingu” gif.

Used Photo Booth to take 5 pics, dropped in Photo shop, timeline, timing-export as GIF.


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